These sessions are tailored to you, so that you're supported and see results.

If you're anxious about starting a yoga practice for whatever reason, maybe old injuries and chronic pain or if you struggle with the idea of attending group classes and want something very specific from a yoga practice then these sessions are for you.

One To one yoga

Why bother?

Group classes aren't for everyone...especially when you first start yoga.

One to one sessions are perfect for:

If your injured or have a history of injuries.

You want something specific from yoga e.g. To learn how to better deal with anxiety.

Class environments overwhelm you.

You want to get results fast.

How it works?

Classes are held at the studio at a time that’s convenient for you. Each session is 60 mins long.

Just shoot through an email with your preferred day and time.

Each session is $90

Can you claim?

You may be able to claim back a portion of the cost of these sessions depending on your private health provider and level of should check with your private health provider.

What others have to say about the one to one yoga sessions

I’m taking the time to write you this personal feedback for the magnificent Yoga experience you have introduced into my life. I came to you 6 months ago crippled with pain in my shoulder and neck which I had been suffering for almost a year, even with specialist treatment I was on the verge of surgery for both neck and shoulder conditions. Though I was nervous to start as I was conscious that It could make my conditions worse, I did feel comfort in how well you listened and your level of understanding for my situation. I get really excited now to talk about how rapidly you have helped restore both mobility and strength to both areas, it was an amazing result in just 2-3 months and I no longer deal with pain on a daily basis.
The best way I can word it is that enrolling in your public courses and in conjunction with some private sessions was a well rewarding investment to regaining control in my life.
— Peter Choo
I started yoga to see if it might help me rehabilitate my ‘frozen shoulder’ injury. To begin I took private lessons with Krystle because I knew I would need alot of guidance in how to modify poses to protect my shoulder.

I was concerned that I would have to make so many modifications to each pose that I would not enjoy the classes, or feel like I was really ‘doing yoga’. However that was not the case, I do modify the poses but never feel like I can’t participate fully in a class. As my shoulder improves the teachers are all guiding the process (and encouraging me!) by offering suggestions whenever new poses present a new challenge.

The teaching style is very open and informative, questions are encouraged and poses are always explained in detail, and with great clarity. Within 2 months I have progressed from 1 on 1 lessons, to a beginners class, to establishing a regular home practice and attending 2-3 classes per week. And my shoulder has improved dramatically, and steadily.

It’s small, friendly, high quality yoga!
— Sonia. V.

In January 2017, I commenced a journey that I wish I had started many years before. On the recommendation of my chiropractor, I enrolled in a beginners course with Yoga in Motion. I had been hesitant about starting yoga from a fear of injuring myself due to an old lower back injury and significant cartilage damage in my knees and thumbs from osteoarthritis. However, with 60 fast approaching, I knew that if I wanted to maintain an active lifestyle I needed to increase my overall strength and flexibility.

One year on, attending Yoga in Motion twice a week with the addition of a home practice program, the improvement in body strength and flexibility is quite simply remarkable. The increased strength of core and muscle has provided significant support to, and pain management of, both my lower back and knees. I’ve also found that my sleep pattern has improved and that I manage stress more easily.

Of particular benefit to me were the one on one classes with Krystle when I first started.

Krystle and her team at Yoga in Motion care about the individual, spending time with each student to correct technique and provide modifications to those with injuries. It is through the careful management of the student’s skill level and capabilities that injury is prevented, core and whole body strength is increased and greater flexibility achieved.

I can’t thank Krystle enough for all the hard work she has put in with me to achieve such fantastic results, all will a smile and great sense of humour.
— Deb. A.
Krystle has been working with me for the last 6 months while I have been recovering from a severe back injury (I broke my lower back last year). I see Krystle on a regular basis and the yoga she teaches me has made a huge impact on my recovery - on both a physical and mental level! Krystle designed specific exercises which have helped me build up my physical strength (from being able to hardly do any moves to now being able to complete a full yoga session) while also reducing the level of pain that I have. Also, the meditative practises that Krystle has taught me, help me to calm down and be more patient - which is essential for my recovery. I have done one-on-one and group yoga sessions with Krystle and she is always more than happy to give me specific feedback and help me get the most out of all the sessions. Thankyou Krystle – without you my recovery would not have progressed as quickly as it has!!!!
— Nardia Bowden
After completing the Beginners course (an awakening in itself), I’ve had the privilege of 1:1 Yoga Therapy sessions with Krystle. Krystle is unlike any other Yoga teacher I have experienced. Krystle’s ability to communicate and empower students about the pure essence of Yoga is truly awe inspiring. By the end of the 1:1 session Krystle prepares a hand written custom practice specifically designed for your body now. Krystle’s passion for Yoga, alignment and conscious practice is life changing for anyone willing and open !
— Kathryn Joudart
Yoga Lane Cove
I would absolutely and without any doubt recommend you to my family, friends and work colleagues. You are not just a yoga teacher who is focused on how to do the poses. Your calmness, empathy, composure and alertness to each and every student is overwhelmingly apparent. You pay so much attention to us and I sense how important it is for you to ensure that we are doing the yoga correctly. You are teaching skills to build both our inner and outer strength.
— Fay Andray

How to get started?

Please send me an email with the following information:

1. What you'd like to gain from your one to one sessions, or why you're wanting to start them.

2. Your preferred date and time.

3. Information on any referring health practitioners.

All emails can be sent to

I'll get back to you within 24hours.

Many Thanks Krystle