Learn the basics in a clear and structured way!

Maybe you’ve been to a yoga class before and felt lost and a little like an uncoordinated inflexible stick insect. Arms and legs everywhere and no bendy-ness at all.

Maybe the embarrassment of having to do all the funny positions in a group class and feeling too fat, too inflexible, too weak, too wobbly has kept you from attending any classes.

In these classes you will not find any wacky binding moves, hand-stands, chanting or pretzel twists.

We just teach you the basics in an easy to follow, calm and positive way so that you can explore lengthening your body without pain and discomfort.

We don’t want you to miss out on all of the amazing benefits of yoga:

Improved strength and flexibility.

More confidence in yourself and your body.

Breathing and meditation techniques that will move you towards a calmer clearer state of mind and better sleep.

These are the classes that we’re most passionate about, because we love sharing the benefits of yoga in an intimate class.

With less than 15 students, and often 2 teachers in the room, you get lots of support and direction with all of the 'how to's' you can even ask questions during each session.

Each week we break down something different and get really specific and clear on what's appropriate for you and your body;

In These Yoga Align classes we cover:

- Breathing techniques for managing stress.

- Basic sequences for getting the body a little more flexible and mobile.

- Working to improve posture and sit taller.

- Improving body awareness.

- Releasing tension through the shoulders, neck and back.

As you progress learn how to:

- Increase mobility in hips and lower back

- Improve your balance

- Build strength especially your core.

- Work towards a short meditation practice.

- Much more

These classes run weekly and we cover something new every week! you can join at any time but to keep track of what you’re learning week to week.…we do run them in 6 week blocks so you can easily progress!

Yoga Align (level 1): Thursday 7.10pm &

Saturday 9.15am

Yoga Align (level 2): Wednesday 7.10pm


You can enroll on a ten class pass = $300

If you’d like to speed up your learning and attend 2-3 classes a week you can do this on one of our memberships. click here

Spots are limited we keep these classes small (12-14) so please don’t leave it too late to reserve your spot.

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Here's what our beautiful students have to say about our Beginners classes...

I had previously been going to other ‘yoga schools’ for a couple of years and thought I was pretty good at yoga, It wasn’t until I met Krystle at Yoga in Motion that I realised I had never actually been taught the yoga properly! I signed up to her Beginners Course and I am so happy and impressed with her teaching style. Even in a full class she helps each individual student. I am so happy to finally be doing yoga properly and can already see the benefits! I cannot recommend Krystle at Yoga in Motion highly enough
— Martha Karas
Since having my daughter, backaches and tension from lifting and carrying her around are a frequent occurrence. I thought yoga might help, but after attending various yoga classes over the years, I had become disheartened by my lack of progress. I was lost in the crowd, or I felt unfit and uncoordinated in a room full of yogis- which is intimidating! But, since joining Yoga in Motion, my confidence and motivation have grown. Now I feel real benefits from holding the poses properly
— Cassandra Gabara

Just over 12 months on & my progress in terms of strength, balance, flexibility, body awareness & overall wellbeing have been remarkable. Yoga has become the most enjoyable of all the physical things I do (“You mean you enjoy “stretching” more than lifting weights?? “ my gym trainers remark in utter disbelief !) Krystle has also managed to create a great little community amongst the groups. The classes are as much fun as they are intense.
— Barry Moore

Each position is broken down and explained or modified for your level of expertise and flexibility to avoid injury and make sure you get the most out of your practise. Krystle really understands the human body and also has the kindest heart. Definitely check out these courses! whether you’re just starting out or are well-practised you won’t regret it.
— Alice Marshall