Can Yoga Effect Your Genes?

Can Yoga Effect Your Genes?

We can all appreciate how important gene health is, after all the way our genes are activated can have a significant impact on our biology.

For example when we're stressed our sympathetic nervous system (SNS) which is responsible for fight or flight is triggered and this results in the increased production of a certain molecule called Nuclear Factor kappa B, (NF-kb) this molecule regulates how genes are expressed.

Yoga As A Philosophy

Yoga As A Philosophy

Most people start yoga to increase their flexibility or to improve their strength and of course yoga can help with that, however there are benefits that go far beyond just the physical body.

At our most recent yoga retreat I took the time to run some short discussions on yoga philosophy and yoga as a discipline for understanding the mind and increasing the flexibility of the mind.

Most of the discussions were based around Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (a text thought to be written around the first or second century, the first to really systematise the subject of yoga as a path of practice)

Your feedback on these discussions was really positive, with many of you finding that the information helped to create some more context for your practice, but also that it helped you explore some of the other aspects of yoga beyond breathing and postures.


Building More Strength & Tone With Barre Classes

Building More Strength & Tone With Barre Classes

We've recently added Barre classes to the studio and they've been a huge hit.

If you've never done a Barre class before they're a fusion of yoga, pilates and dance. I must admit we have less dance influence and a lot more yoga in our Barre classes at Yoga In Motion.

Think of these Barre classes as a really nice complement to an already existing yoga practice, the opportunity to use the barre and mirrors for alignment are also really great for auto-correcting your posture throughout the class.

Yoga For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Did you know that in July 2016 the Australian Bureau of Statistics put out a media release declaring that reports of sexual assault had reached a six year high? There was an increase of 3% in 2015.

In 2013 the Australia Bureau of Statistics reported that one in five Australian women and one in twenty Australian men have experienced violence at the hands of a partner.

Why am I bothering to go into these statistics? 

Can Yoga Help With Depression And Anxiety?

The most common reason students give me for coming to yoga is stress and anxiety. It seems that life keeps getting faster and more intense with time always being in short supply.

A sense of anxiety, tightness in the chest, trouble winding down at the end of the day and falling asleep seems to be common for many people. These may also be accompanied by exhaustion, feeling de-motivated, flat and depressed.