Yoga For Back Strengthening - Practice Video

Yoga For Back Strengthening - Practice Video

If you’re looking to improve your posture.

Sit taller at your desk and help increase your back strength with yoga this is a short 20 minute practice just for you.

Please remember with any history of back pain you want to be mindful not to move into pain and slowly and regularly is the best approach to get results and keep you safe.

Breathing Is The Key To Better Mental And Physical Health.

Last week I had a young woman hang back after class, she waited for everyone else to leave to approach me, and wanted to share her experience of yoga over the previous week.

She had taken advantage of the Free week of classes at the new studio and said that something really strange had happened to her.

She had been struggling for years with a chronic health condition associated with her digestive function, a condition that often leaves her home bound and in bed and has affected her energy and general ability to fully take part in all the things she wants to do in life.

New Studio In Lane Cove Grand Opening!


I can hardly believe we've been in our beautiful little hidden away piece of heaven in North Ryde for 3 and a half years now and we've not only out grown the space but it's time for a change!

So we'll be moving across to a brand new space in Lane Cove;

Suite 2, 24 Birdwood Lane, Lane Cove to be precise.

The closest Parking lot is right across from the studio in the Rosenthal outdoor carpark!

We are located directly above the very funky cafe called the Birdwood.

Our grand opening day will be Saturday the 29th of July, we will be having 2 classes on that day;

1. 8.30am Barre Flow class (brand new style of class at the studio) Taught by yours truly.

2. 10am Dynamic Flow class ( what you all know as an open yoga class) Taught by Madison

From the 29th onward our entire timetable will move across to the Lane Cove Studio, to celebrate...

All classes on the timetable will be free from the 29th of July till the 6th of August.

Please use the promo code sent out via the newsletter to claim this special offer.

There will be a party with champagne to celebrate on the 29th of July from 4pm on wards, please come and join us!

We have new class times and styles, so please keep your eye out for updates and more info on what to expect.

I'll be posting regular updates here and communicating with you via the newsletter, so please keep an eye out.

Big Love Kxx