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Yoga Side Plank Series

This is a great yoga video for understanding the different side plank variations.

Yoga side plank series is a short 30 minute yoga practice to help get you connecting to your core strength and improving your stability through shoulders and upper back.

If you're looking for a yoga practice to improve strength then this is perfect for you. Some yoga experience will help you but as long as you're not struggling with any significant pain points or injuries you should be fine moving through this yoga side plank series.

In this short yoga practice I give you lots of different variations of side plank so that you can challenge yourself to your level and slowly work up to options that will have you feeling stronger and stronger with every class.

If you have some extra time why not follow this link and do the warm up video comprising of some sun salutations and breath work. The two compliment each other and make for a well rounded practice.

Thanks so much for taking the time to watch this please leave a comment and let me know how you've found the practice and if there's anything else you'd like to see here.

See you on the mat Kxx

Starting Out As A New Yoga Teacher...Finding Your Voice

Starting Out As A New Yoga Teacher...Finding Your Voice

Starting anything new is a challenge…remember what it was like to take your first yoga class? but the rewards and feeling of satisfaction after completing it spurs you onto the next class and the next.

Well teaching your first yoga class is no different, it’s a challenge and can be pretty scary, but because we have such a passion for teaching and yoga we keep at it.

Yoga & Religion what we need to understand as teachers?

In this short recording I address one of the most common fears students with a religious background have around taking up yoga.

If you’re a teacher it’s a good episode to help you start thinking about how we teach and what we teach in group classes with very little understanding or sensitivity towards the cultural and religious diversity present in our yoga studios.

A brief discussion on chanting and how to teach this in a way that won’t scare new students off.

Thanks for listening see you on the mat soon Kxx

Dealing with craving and desire

In this episode of the podcast we look at sutra 1.15. Taking a brief look at this sutra in relation to craving and desire.

Sometimes no matter how much logical information we know we still find ourselves giving into craving and desire, whether it’s being tied into toxic eating habits or relationships or substances.

For all the intelligence and understanding this desire we all carry can really get the better of us.

Join me for a short chat on this topic and yoga.

I’ll see you on the mat real soon. Kxx

Yoga As a Practice

In this episode of the podcast I continue our discussion on the Yoga Sutras in particular looking at Sutra 1.14

We speak of having a yoga practice but what does this look like in reference to the journey of a serious practitioner who’s looking for more than just a stronger body?

Patanjali speaks to this in 1.14

I hope you enjoy listening and I’ll see you on the mat real soon.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy has been around as long as yoga has been, the sanskrit word for yoga therapy is 'Cikitsa' Krama.

The word 'Cikitsa' comes from the root word 'icca' meaning 'desire' so a desire to help is the deeper meaning of this word used for yoga therapy.

An Individualised Approach To Practicing Yoga

An Individualised Approach To Practicing Yoga

We've all got different reasons for starting a yoga practice, maybe you started to improve your flexibility, or reduce anxiety or improve your back pain.

As a yoga teacher it's my responsibility to understand why you've come to yoga classes, what you need, and how to adapt the practice in order for you to get the most out of your classes.

Yoga for men...Why Your Husbands, Fathers and Brothers need Yoga!

Yoga for men...Why Your Husbands, Fathers and Brothers need Yoga!

Should men be doing yoga?... Okay so it seems a silly question to ask but I do get a lot of men leaning in and asking me this question when I'm out and about.

For some reason there is this perception that yoga is more of a 'gals' thing lol. We get lots of guys coming into the yoga studio in Lane Cove and I wouldn't have it any other way. Now yoga is for everyone despite sex, age, physical ability but there are several reasons why I think men really do need yoga.

The Journey To Becoming A Yoga Teacher...The Stuff No One Tells You!

The Journey To Becoming A Yoga Teacher...The Stuff No One Tells You!

I don’t think anyone just wakes up one day and thinks to themselves ‘I want to be a yoga teacher!’  I mean I’m sure someone has, but it’s generally not how it goes.

I know for me I was practicing yoga for a while and I felt the shift and changes in my body and mind and then thought to myself I want to do a teacher training so that I can learn more and go deeper for my own personal journey and knowledge.

For me teaching was something that arose very organically, I never looked for work teaching nor did I really even put my hand up for classes. They just came from friends and colleagues I taught a lot of classes for FREE, yep that’s right I taught for nothing because I just loved yoga so much that I wanted to share it with others in my spare time.

Then people who attended classes with me requested I go to their work place and teach and before I knew it I was teaching 12 classes a week, which was a really beautiful experience for me and also an extremely challenging one.