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Yoga Side Plank Series

This is a great yoga video for understanding the different side plank variations.

Yoga side plank series is a short 30 minute yoga practice to help get you connecting to your core strength and improving your stability through shoulders and upper back.

If you're looking for a yoga practice to improve strength then this is perfect for you. Some yoga experience will help you but as long as you're not struggling with any significant pain points or injuries you should be fine moving through this yoga side plank series.

In this short yoga practice I give you lots of different variations of side plank so that you can challenge yourself to your level and slowly work up to options that will have you feeling stronger and stronger with every class.

If you have some extra time why not follow this link and do the warm up video comprising of some sun salutations and breath work. The two compliment each other and make for a well rounded practice.

Thanks so much for taking the time to watch this please leave a comment and let me know how you've found the practice and if there's anything else you'd like to see here.

See you on the mat Kxx

Sun Salutations Video

In this sun salutation video I'm going to take you through the basic yoga flow done in many open classes. This video is perfect if you're just starting yoga.

This basic yoga sequence is perfect for warming the body up and prepping it for other practices like back bending and forward folding.

This sun salutation video forms a key part of our yoga beginners course and we spend some time looking at each of the poses and how to do them correctly within the flow itself.

If you're time poor and struggling to move your body with regular yoga sessions please make this sequence a priority it will improve your flexibility and mobility through out your entire body.

You'll notice I've included some standing yoga postures in this flow so you can work through the lower back and hips.

I hope you enjoy the practice, see you on the mat Kxx

Yoga For Shoulders And Upper Back

In this basic yoga sequence I'll walk you through 'Yoga for shoulders and upper back.' If you have tight shoulders and neck from the stress of sitting at a desk all day then this is a perfect yoga practice for you.

Only 20 minutes long even yoga beginners can do this short session.

If you've got the time please try our yoga for back strengthening as a warm up to this video practice I'm sure you'd really enjoy that for the days when you have a little more time for your yoga practice.

Most of these simple yoga movements are here to relieve tension and stress from your shoulders and neck as well as increase your body awareness for when you're sitting at your desk.

If you have chronic pain in your shoulders or back please seek help from your health professionals before taking up yoga. Just to be on the safe side.

I hope you enjoy the practice. I'll see you on the mat soon Kxx

Yoga Practice For Hips and Hamstrings

In this 20 minute yoga practice for hips and hamstrings we take a handful of postures to get the lower half of your body more flexible.

If you do this practice daily you’ll also find you’ll feel less pressure through your lower back, it’s just perfect if you work at a desk!

Let me know how you find I love hearing from you Kxx

Relaxing Yoga For Beginners- Short Video Practice

In this relaxing yoga for beginners video I’m going to take you through all of the basics to make sure that you’re breathing right and gaining the stress management benefits from yoga.

It’s a short 20 minute practice and you can do it in your pj’s and on your bed. No need to get your yoga mat out!

You will ideally just put the video on and listen to the instructions without watching it so that you can keep your focus inward and listen to your breath and your body.

Let me know how you find this practice and if there’s anything else you’d like to see for your home practice.

See you on the mat Kxx

Yoga As a Practice

In this episode of the podcast I continue our discussion on the Yoga Sutras in particular looking at Sutra 1.14

We speak of having a yoga practice but what does this look like in reference to the journey of a serious practitioner who’s looking for more than just a stronger body?

Patanjali speaks to this in 1.14

I hope you enjoy listening and I’ll see you on the mat real soon.

Yoga For Back Strengthening - Practice Video

If you’re looking to improve your posture.

Sit taller at your desk and help increase your back strength with yoga this is a short 20 minute practice just for you.

Please remember with any history of back pain you want to be mindful not to move into pain and slowly and regularly is the best approach to get results and keep you safe.

As always I love hearing from you, let me know how you found the practice, if there’s anything you’d like clarification on or want to see more of in future videos. Pop it in the comments below.

See you on the mat soon Kxx

Benefits of yoga...Why bother with a regular yoga practice?

Benefits of yoga...Why bother with a regular yoga practice?

This is where understanding yoga as a complete system is most valuable for us who are taking it up as a practice; understanding that we are made up of more than just our bodies, and that so much of what we experience at a body level is influenced by what's happening in our mind and soul, then we can start to appreciate how useful and powerful yoga is as a tool for a healthy happier way of living.

Best Yoga For Beginners...How to get started with a yoga practice?

Best Yoga For Beginners...How to get started with a yoga practice?

So you're just starting out with yoga, and you're not sure how to go about it...

What class should you attend? and how often should you try and do it? Is it worth just doing it at home online or should you try and make it into a studio?

I get asked these questions often; and to be honest the answers somewhat differ from person to person.