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Sun Salutations Video

In this sun salutation video I'm going to take you through the basic yoga flow done in many open classes. This video is perfect if you're just starting yoga.

This basic yoga sequence is perfect for warming the body up and prepping it for other practices like back bending and forward folding.

This sun salutation video forms a key part of our yoga beginners course and we spend some time looking at each of the poses and how to do them correctly within the flow itself.

If you're time poor and struggling to move your body with regular yoga sessions please make this sequence a priority it will improve your flexibility and mobility through out your entire body.

You'll notice I've included some standing yoga postures in this flow so you can work through the lower back and hips.

I hope you enjoy the practice, see you on the mat Kxx

Yoga For Back Flexibility

Yoga For Back Flexibility

In this short 20 minute yoga practice I’m going to take you through some yoga postures to help you improve your back flexibility.

This is perfect if you’re sitting at a desk all day and needing to stretch those sore tight muscles around your hips and back.

If you can do it daily for a week you’re sure to see some benefits in your body.

Please leave a comment and let me know how you find the practice!

I’ll see you on the mat Kxx