Starting Out As A New Yoga Teacher...Finding Your Voice

Starting anything new is a challenge…remember what it was like to take your first yoga class? but the rewards and feeling of satisfaction after completing it spurs you onto the next class and the next.

Well teaching your first yoga class is no different, it’s a challenge and can be pretty scary, but because we have such a passion for teaching and yoga we keep at it.

In this recording I’m going to briefly discuss some of the main issues we have as brand new teachers, I take a couple of specific questions sent in by a brand new teacher and I look at the key tools that will help you navigate, getting students to explore options and props as well as the key to developing your own voice as a yoga teacher.

It’s not easy but its worth the work and effort we put in as teachers because the world needs yoga now more than ever.

Thanks for listening and I’ll see you on the mat real soon Kxx