Best Yoga For Beginners...How to get started with a yoga practice?

So you're just starting out with yoga, and you're not sure how to go about it...

What class should you attend? and how often should you try and do it? Is it worth just doing it at home online or should you try and make it into a studio?

I get asked these questions often; and to be honest the answers somewhat differ from person to person.

When we first start anything that's when it's most challenging, for a number of reasons. The obvious one is that everything is absolutely new and so there is just so much to take in and learn.

But the other reason it's so darn hard is because when we first start something new that's when we're often at our most vulnerable especially if you're starting from a place of injury or pain.

The best place to start is with a very specialised structured class just for beginners, so you can get all the basics down pat. If you can try and enroll yourself in a beginners course from start to finish, this really is the best way to get going. You can start with the very very basic and build on what you learn each week.

If at all possible attend a class with less than 20 students, it means you're more likely to get some support and guidance from the teacher, if you're enrolling into a class with 20 plus students there's less chance you'll be getting any one on one support that's specific for your body.

If you have injuries old or new try and speak to the teacher who will be leading the class, this is important, it means you'll know if they're capable of properly supporting you with your injury or not, and if the class will be lead in a way that you can modify and adjust for your body.

Find a teacher who speaks your language, and is interested in getting to know you and your body. Look this sounds a little strange to some people but if you want to take up yoga seriously and see the benefits you really need to find a teacher who you can openly communicate with and who is interested in supporting you in the early stages and this isn't always the case so try and source someone with a good reputation for teaching solid classes who you can build rapport with.

Finally if you can attend two or three classes a week as opposed to one class a week that is ideal when you first start yoga. The one thing I've seen in all of my beginners over the years is that the ones who commit to a second or third class end up learning the basics faster, they enjoy it much more because they see results faster and this keeps them motivated to keep going. So 2 or 3  classes a week is ideal!

If you're gonna do the online thing that's fine but you really need to couple it with some face to face classes there's really nothing like getting the direction and guidance of someone who knows how to get the most out of the yoga practice.

I hope that all helps with finding the right starting place for you and your yoga practice. If you've done yoga in the past and been somewhat turned off because of an average experience get back on the horse there's a yoga teacher and a class out there that will work for you and your body.

See you at the studio soon Kx