Benefits of yoga...Why bother with a regular yoga practice?

It's possible that yoga is more popular now than it's ever been in the past...and there is so much research showing all of the physical benefits of yoga for different conditions;

- Osteoporosis

- High blood pressure and cardiovascular disease

- Helping with weight loss and diabetes

- Improving mobility and flexibility and reducing injuries

- Helping with back pain and improving posture

- Supporting pregnancy and labor

- Helping with asthma and breathing

This list could go on and on but when we look a little deeper I think the reason why yoga's popularity has grown as much as it has is because of it's impact on our see yoga's been around for thousands of years but it has been traditionally known as a mano sastra (sanskrit for specialised knowledge of the mind or science of the mind)

This is where understanding yoga as a complete system is most valuable for us who are taking it up as a practice; understanding that we are made up of more than just our bodies, and that so much of what we experience at a body level is influenced by what's happening in our mind and soul, then we can start to appreciate how useful and powerful yoga is as a tool for a healthy happier way of living.

Yoga when practiced regularly can help us to have a much more insightful and deeper understanding of ourselves and our personalities and with that knowledge we're able to;

- Have more clarity around who we are and our capacities

- Authentically relate to others, have better relationships

- Move away from anxiety and depression

- Find more space between our emotions and learn to act instead of react.

- Have more compassion and less anger towards situations and others.

Essentially yoga has the capacity to help us find our center and maintain that regardless of what life throws at us.

Yoga philosophy teaches us that life is filled with suffering and pain but that we can train our mind to step off the roller coaster...It's said that for someone who is established in a yoga practice nothing is 'good' or 'bad.'

Developing equanimity of mind can also greatly help reduce all of the stress on our body. We are living lifestyles now that are faster than ever and finding some space and peace for the mind is important for our health and well being.

If we make the time to practice then we'll find we have more time because a calm focused mind is the most powerful asset we have in our busy busy world.

Keep moving and breathing I'll see you on the mat soon Kxx