Yin Yoga...Is it the right class for you?

Maybe you've done a few 'traditional' yoga classes where you move in and out of poses fairly consistently with the breath through out the entire hour.

So I'll speak a little to how yin yoga differs to say a flow class...

Firstly all of the poses are supported and mainly practiced while laying or sitting on the floor with the use of lots of props like bolsters and blocks etc.

There is very little emphasis if any on engaging the muscles in a yin yoga class, so you're unlikely to break a sweat at all, in fact the focus is more on relaxing the muscles so that you can allow the body to take it's own shape and also so that you can have an affect on other tissues in your body.

There is a strong emphasis on cultivating a sense of mindfulness and really drawing the focus inwardly. If you have a regular meditation practice you might find yin really supports you with that.

In a yin yoga class we tend to hold the poses for a longer period of time anything from 3 to 5 minutes. Which seems like a long time but you'd be surprised how relaxing and passive it is a practice, so don't let the long holds turn you off.

If you're looking to spend some time breathing and stretching your body while learning how to take your focus deeper then this is the class for you. It's strong meditative focus and long holds mean that even if you're struggling with old injuries or health concerns you'll be able to take part in this class with lots of time to get the support you need.

Who is yin not really for?

If you're struggling with anxiety and or an extremely busy mind the slow pace of this class may be a real challenge for you. I often tell my students where yin seems easy on the body it can be a bigger challenge for the mind than a traditional class.

Ideally you'll balance your body and mind by a combination of practices incorporating both yin and vinyasa yoga classes.

We run yin yoga classes at our Lane Cove yoga studio on:

Sundays at 4pm and Mondays at 6pm

Look forward to seeing you on the mat soon.