Being Absorbed In The Changing States Of Mind

Patanjali tells us in his sutras that yoga is establishing oneself in a state of nirodaha a state where the mind is very still and free of fluctuations.

The then goes onto say in the follow sutra that once we achieve this state of mind we are able to really see and connect with our true self, consciousness.

In this recording I briefly discuss the next sutra 1.4 where he provides us with a little warning and lets us know where we find ourselves without yoga.

I believe that it's only through understanding where we are right now that we can start to navigate a new way to where we might like to be. Whether that's something as simple as finding a little more acceptance of ourselves or whether that's connecting with something much deeper in order to generate significant transformation.

What ever the case is this sutra offers us a good understanding of the importance of applying ourselves.

Happy Listening See you on the mat soon Kxx