Lessons On The Journey To Becoming A New Yoga Teacher

Hi, I'm Veronika you may have seen me at the studio co-teaching and observing classes. I took on the mentorship this year at Yoga In Motion.

I wanted to take a moment to share three things I have learned about myself since embarking on this journey.

It's been one of the best decisions I have made in my life so far. Growing up with some exposure to Yoga and finding my own personal practice has led me down a very special path that I simply cannot stop talking about.

Yin and Yang

That is... concepts of action, and concepts of receptivity. I have usually always taken direct action if I decided I wanted something then I would put in the work to achieve it. I think it is only through the ongoing learnings, and through walking this path, that I have been able to work on finding the balance, the sweet spot within myself between Yin and Yang.

I noticed within my own practice the constant dance between discipline and effort and softening and acceptance. Yoga is the first form of physical movement that I have been able to stick to with discipline. Showing up at my mat most days. But this is because I have found in Yoga, something that goes far beyond the physical movement. Beyond discipline, I have learned that surrendering and letting go is just as important. And this is not to be mistaken for inaction. Rather the deep content feeling that with this I have taken all the action I can take right now, and from here I surrender to the process.

This might be in posture, in breath, my mind, or with life. There are sides of us that are soft and calm others that are active and assertive. I've often had a preference for taking a yang approach valuing action and the energy it brings to my body. Since going on this journey I've also felt connected more with feminine, soft, calm and peaceful energy. Through this journey, I have been working on balancing these two. And the more they have come to meet in the middle, the more I feel connected to myself and others.


Pursuing this Yoga journey was in fact me ‘listening to my heart’ - that deep inner knowing. But it's not the first time that I have experienced this, and I feel it only continues to get stronger as I tune in more and more.

Call me woo woo, but I am a huge believer in ‘following your gut’. That sense that you somehow already know where you are meant to be. It is so incredibly empowering, in this world where we often feel out of control and a constant sense of lack.

Intuition to me, is a tricky thing to explain. But all I know is that since I have started this journey, I feel more and more connected to it, and as I do, more and more magic happens!  It's this deep knowing of something being right. Even if you aren’t perfect at it yet (like me at teaching). I have so much to learn, but each time I show up to teach a class, I know, it's exactly where I'm meant to be.

Not ‘just’ yoga!

Language is such an amazing tool of communication. Yet we use so many words without ever really thinking about them. So many words to fill the gaps when we are thinking, or unsure of something.

I have learned a new favourite word of mine… ‘Just’. It used to go everywhere. ‘Just breathe here’, ‘just notice if your mind has wondered’, ‘just peel your spine of the floor’. ‘Just, just, just’.

The reality is. It's not ‘just’ breathing. It's not ‘just’ moving into this posture. It's not ‘just’ noticing. And it's not ‘just’ Yoga! I have found myself reflecting on the importance of language and what it is that we communicate through it.

So next time you catch me say ‘just’ feel free to ask me to ‘Just move into a 20 breath forward fold and JUST BREATHE!!! Because they are JUST hamstrings’……. ; )

On that note, thank you for listening the three things I've learned so far on my teacher training journey that have most impacted me. I have loved seeing each and every one of you in my classes and have learned something from all of you without a single doubt in my mind.

See you soon Veronkia xx