Truth The Second Yama...One Of The Hardest To Practice!

In Patanjali's yoga sutras he talks about Satya 'truth' he mentions this as the second most important principle second only to ahimsa.

It is one of the hardest to practice mainly because of the way our society is structured. We might find ourselves living and working in environments that are very narcissistic. You hear people say things like it's 'dog eat dog.' 

It's interesting to see this mindset dominate in certain circles. The need to lie and hide certain truths in order to 'get ahead' or get what we want from someone.

Developing a deeper understanding to our own personal relationship to truth and how we navigate it within our relationships is important.

In this recording I present some of the commentary around the practice of Satya and also provide you with some questions you might want to reflect on in order to establish yourself in this yama.

I hope you enjoy listening Kxx