An Individualised Approach To Practicing Yoga

We've all got different reasons for starting a yoga practice, maybe you started to improve your flexibility, or reduce anxiety or improve your back pain.

As a yoga teacher it's my responsibility to understand why you've come to yoga classes, what you need, and how to adapt the practice in order for you to get the most out of your classes.

There is one conversation that often comes up usually 3-6 months into a students journey at the studio and beyond, it usually goes something like this...

"Krystle I've seen some good results and I'm enjoying the classes at the studio, but I find my (insert something particular to that person) strength, flexibility, breathing, mind, still a real struggle for me it hasn't shifted as much as I would like it to, I'm still struggling."

Interestingly this conversation often comes up with my discussions with new yoga teachers that I mentor, but in relation to their teaching abilities. It's a universal part of the human predicament.

It's common that the one thing that we struggle with the most is often the one thing that we tend to steer clear of; I'll elaborate...

Students who need more strength often don't enjoy strength building classes and therefore stay away from classes focused on the very thing that will help them improve. They attend plenty of yin classes and flexibility classes because the resistance to these classes is minimum they tend to enjoy the stretching more.

Those who struggle with a busy, stressed mind need to work with more mindful awareness but they tend to steer clear of classes which focus on breathing and meditation practice. They often attend one session and then say "this isn't for's too slow, my mind is too busy, I need a faster pace."

The body and mind is constantly looking to be comfortable, and in that we move away from anything that's uncomfortable regardless of whether it will benefit us. The resistance gets the best of us and we give up on that which we need the most. We all do this all the time.

So it's important if you find yourself lacking in some aspect of your practice that you actually look at whether you're avoiding certain practices and classes out of a desire to want to stay in the comfort zone.

This is where one to one yoga sessions are so valuable even for established practitioners, because it's during these sessions that an experienced teacher can help guide you to what you need and give you the gentle nudge in the right direction so that you can find a well balanced practice and therefore a balanced body, mind and soul.

Thanks for taking the time to read that I hope to see you at the studio soon. Kxx