How to get what YOU need from your yoga practice

It's difficult to stay motivated to do something if we don't know why we're doing it!

Yoga as a practice is not a sprint it's a marathon. The results are there but they are won slowly and with a consistent and dedicated attitude. Most of us practice like we're 5 years old lol, but I've been going a month and I can't do x y and z!

Then there's the issue of staying the course...I hear it from you all the time, I have the best of intentions but I just can't stay motivated or really don't see any changes so lose momentum.

In this recording I cover the very simple basic things you can do as both a student of yoga and a teacher of yoga to help develop a deeper understanding of what you want from your practice and how to get it.

Our experience of reality right now is simply the result of all of our patterns and doing these few little things can make a big impact in the long term.

I hope it helps Kxx