Wrong Knowing...What is Avidya? and why is it important?

So we've all found ourselves in a situation where we think...'How did I get myself into this again?' If we're not particularly aware we might still be convinced that everything that happens is happening to us and not because of us or for us.

It's one of the hardest concepts to grasp in relation to the obstacles that Patanjali presents in his sutras and as a practitioner and teacher it's one of the hardest to see in ourselves and others. Ourselves because of the nature of avidya and in our students because of the frustration that we feel at their lack of knowing.

It's said in many yoga texts that this obstacle is the one that all others sprout from.

It's often not until we find ourselves in a significant amount of pain and discomfort physically or emotionally that we look at ourselves for some of the answers and therefore solutions.

Yoga teaches us, if you have some neck tension, it's best to do something simple everyday to relieve that neck tension. If we don't then it's likely to lead to stiffness, if this is not dealt with it may lead to impaired functioning, if this is not dealt with it may lead to severe pain, which may then lead to surrounding body parts also be affected.

Avidya a lack of knowledge and understanding of our predicament can  cause much of our suffering. In this recording I try my best to cover this concept for you.

I hope you find it useful. Kxx