How to stay committed to your yoga practice?... 3 things to help

This week I take the time to look at sutra 1.12 and looking at the two main principles it's said we need to try and cultivate more of on this yoga journey.

One of them is this committment to our practice!

Now we've all had times when doing a regular yoga practice is about as painful as pulling teeth. We want to give up and might practice once a month or once a week and even that seems like a real struggle.

In this weeks recording I give you 3 things that I've found over the last 12 years to really have helped my student stay the course and even up their practice beyond just one or two classes here and there.

Those of you who are teaching, you'll find a few key points in here to help you develop more insight to building the tools for both yourself and your students in regards to this sutra.

As always I hope this is helpful in moving you forward on your yoga journey.

See you at the studio soon Kxx