A deeper understanding of mind according to yoga philosophy

What if I told you yoga isn't something we do!...but rather yoga is a feeling?

Yoga philosophy presents us with a way of seeing our mind that is more than just understanding our superficial cognitive functioning. According to yoga we have different types of mind that we all possess and can function from.

One of our main goals of practice is to start accessing some of the deeper internal minds and start operating from there instead of our typical monkey mind.

Still what we understand and are bombarded with on all of our feeds is this idea of yoga as postures in fact so much of what we do is posturing because we stay very superficial in our approach to this practice.

I hope that this recording inspires you to practice with a new intention one that is a little more centered around connecting deeply with those aspects of yourself that are capable of much much more than just being strong and flexible physically, but rather being strong and flexible in the mind and heart.

As always happy to answer questions or comments just post them below.

See you soon Kxx