What's your state of mind?...The 5 states you need to be aware of.

We've all experienced panic and at some point probably also depression even if it's only for a short time.

For most of us we don't have an awareness of what state of mind we're in, in any given moment nor do we have any concept of how to shift the state of mind we're in what's contributed to that and how we might be able to start to shift some of these states.

For example when we feel dull and heavy, even though we know a brisk walk in the fresh air would really potentially help to shift this state of mind we often just want to jump on the couch and binge watch netflix.

In this recording I go over the 5 states of mind yoga philosophy identifies that we all experience and give you some little ideas and pointers on how to start working to shift this either as a teacher facilitating this for a student or as a student on the mat.

I hope you get something out of this one, see you on the mat soon Kxx