Establishing yourself in the right practice

Have you ever found yourself feeling like you so can’t be bothered showing up to that yoga class and then you play every mind trick in the bag to actually get yourself to that class…then once you’re done with the class you walk away so glad that you actually made it into the studio because you feel so much better for it.

It’s the one thing students say to me all the time “I can’t do a home practice I just can’t stay focused or disciplined long enough to get on the mat and then stay on the mat!

This is called resistance and it’s real…we all struggle with resistance and part of working through it is having a deeper understanding of what it means to dedicate oneself to practice.

In this recording I take a closer look at Patanjali’s yoga sutras and in particular his discussion in chapter one on the importance of practice for the mind.

I hope you enjoy, thanks for listening Kxx