Building More Strength & Tone With Barre Classes

We've recently added Barre classes to the studio and they've been a huge hit.

If you've never done a Barre class before they're a fusion of yoga, pilates and dance. I must admit we have less dance influence and a lot more yoga in our Barre classes at Yoga In Motion.

Think of these Barre classes as a really nice complement to an already existing yoga practice, the opportunity to use the barre and mirrors for alignment are also really great for auto-correcting your posture throughout the class.

Core strength and stability is a really big focus during these session and this can make all the difference at improving posture and confidence.

It's likely you'll find yourself using 1 or 2 kg weights in these classes as well as therabands in order to increase the resistance and experience the burn, which is why it's such a great class for firming up the body.

If you're wanting more tone all round, in all major muscle groups this class will for sure help with that.

Flexibility and balance is a huge component of any yoga class and being on the Barre for some of our traditional balances has translated into students getting around sticky hips and hamstrings and feeling more supported and stable during our extended balancing sequences.

It's likely that in these classes you'll be exposed to some cool tunes and new stretches and that's what makes them so much fun.

So many of the exercises you'll learn in the class can be taken out of the studio and done at home, so that you can target and focus on those areas that you need to build up.

Please come along and try one of the open Barre sessions at the studio, we know you'll love them.

We also run an eight week foundations course, so you can get all the basics down pat and get the most out of the open session.

See you on the Barre soon Kx