Breathing Is The Key To Better Mental And Physical Health.

Last week I had a young woman hang back after class, she waited for everyone else to leave to approach me, and wanted to share her experience of yoga over the previous week.

She had taken advantage of the Free week of classes at the new studio and said that something really strange had happened to her.

She had been struggling for years with a chronic health condition associated with her digestive function, a condition that often leaves her home bound and in bed and has affected her energy and general ability to fully take part in all the things she wants to do in life.

She said "I just wanted to let you know, that I don't know how but in this last week I have felt better than I've felt in a really long time."

I asked her to tell me in what way?

She continued to list all the improvements she's seen in her energy, digestive symptoms and just over all in her body. Her words, "I don't know how but I feel almost normal, and the only thing that's different is the yoga, so I just wanted to let you know."

Now yes movement and exercise can help improve health but I'm almost certain that the benefits here are due to the breathing tools I'd given her in the beginners course which she continued to implement in her classes.

I spend a whole class discussing and teaching the breath in the beginners course actually it's the first thing we look at in week one. At the moment Meditation is receiving a lot of attention and not without good reason but I'm constantly encouraging my students to place more importance on the breath. "Just lie there and breathe! That's a really successful practise" and everyone looks at me like I'm a crazy woowoo yoga teacher.

So when I came across this TED-X talk by a Max Strom I had to share it with you

What he talks about in relation to breathing is gold. If you own a set of lungs and wondering mind please watch it when you have a spare moment.

Much Love Kxx

P.S. What he refers to as qi in the video, yoga refers to as prana and many of the ancient texts written on yoga refer to the breath being the key to unlocking the mind.

To my yogi's who attended the retreat pranayama (breathing exercises) greatly help with the pendulum swing!