It's only through repetition that change happens!

You love the way you feel after a yoga class and the results you've seen in your body and mind so far, and you're looking to practice yoga a minimum of 3 times a week possibly more.

You love having the flexibility of attending the classes and courses that work for your busy schedule.

The most economical way to practice yoga with this level of commitment at the studio is on the unlimited monthly membership.

This pricing option allows you to:

- Attend any class and course on the timetable giving you ultimate flexibility.

- Attend as many classes as you like in any one week

- Get priority booking for all courses and events hosted at the studio

- Get special discounts on all events hosted at the studio

We know exactly what it's like to feel passionate about yoga, you've seen how good it makes you feel and so it's only natural you want everyone you know to take it up and see the same benefits you have! This is why as part of the monthly unlimited every month we give you a family and friends pass, so you can bring someone you love along to a class. It's our way of helping you to help the people you love and care about.

We're looking forward to seeing you on a regular basis and moving you closer to your goals.