Yoga For Strength And Stability

A Stronger, Leaner Body In Eight Weeks

You want to tone up all your soft bits, develop more core strength and to carry yourself a little taller.

This class will see you feeling stronger and more toned!

We will push you to go just a little further, hold just a little longer and when you do change will happen, this is how we get results.

Keeping the body safe and establishing good alignment is a key component of this course. So that you can build your stability and core, without straining.

You want to carry yourself a little taller and feel more balanced, this class will get you there.

This class runs as an open enrollment but we suggest that you commit to an eight week term so that you can work towards the goal and feel that sense of accomplishment at the end of the eight weeks.

You can start attending this class at any time but our next eight week term will start on the 9th of May.

During this 8 week term there will be a strong focus on Upper Body Strength and Stability, in particular learning how to safely weight bare in the hands and working on those shoulders for a better posture that upper back strength is vital.

See you on the mat soon.


Prerequisite for this course

Prerequisite for this is the Yoga Foundations course.

In order to enroll in this class it's mandatory to attend at least one other open session weekly!

This is to ensure you're progressing safely and staying consistent with your results.

Unlimited Monthly Memberships

If you're looking to attend 2 eight week courses and an open class or two every week then the most cost effective way to do that is on the unlimited monthly membership. For more information please click on this link

This is what students have to say about our classes and courses...

I joined Krystle’s beginners yoga class with the hope of loosening some tight muscles and to relax a little. The class definitely did that but I got so much more than I expected. In a few short weeks I learned to sit properly (!), breathe, I feel stronger and am running better, and most importantly the back pain that had me at physio every 2-3 weeks has disappeared. I need life membership!
— Melissa Spindler
Small class sizes, allows for more one on one attention. I’m never made to feel inadequate or behind the group and that it is OK to work at my own pace. Krystle is extremely knowledgeable and attentive to modifications due to my age, ability, and several health issues I’ve recently struggled with.
— Angela Burchett
Prior to taking Krystle’s Beginners Course, I had been an avid Spin/Cycle gym junkie. I thought that ‘going hard’ was the only worthwhile form of exercise. After completing the Beginner’s course, I had a new-found respect for Yoga as a form of mind-and-body exercise. I was challenging myself and building strength in ways I never imagined were possible. Through the focus on breathing, I loved the feeling of connectedness to the practice, to my own body and mind, to everything and everyone around me. I now feel the confidence to attend open sessions and nail the basic poses.
— Lisa Jacobi