Yoga For Beginners

Yoga Foundations Course

You're an absolute beginner?

This is the best place to get started, in fact if you've never had things broken down and explained and you want to get the most out of your precious time on your yoga mat this course will give you all the yoga basics.

Build your confidence up so that you can tackle open classes and maybe even get going with some yoga at home after this course.

Each week we break down something different and get really specific and clear on what's appropriate for you and your body.

Stop thinking about getting started, this course will have you seeing results in just 8 weeks.

These courses book out!

Next Courses start:

7.15pm Tuesday 13th March 2018 (7 Spots Left)

7am Saturday 17th March 2018 (2 Spots Left)



  • All eight week courses run on a calendar, with a start date and finish date. Sorry we don't have mid term enrollments in a course.
  • You must pre enrol to attend. If it's full go on the waitlist, sometimes there are cancellations.

  • If you happen to miss a class during your eight week course. You must cancel out of the class online at least 2 hours before it's due to start. It's so easy to do. Unless there was a really valid emergency. Please don't email asking to have credits re-instated because you got stuck at work : / We all get busy but you have to commit to doing the practice consistently so that you get the results. Beyond that making the commitment to taking care of yourself is the most important part of establishing a practise. You can't give to others if you can't take care of YOU.

  • You are welcome to use your credit from missed classes for any open class during the eight week timeframe of your course. Just go ahead and book it in via the calendar.

  • All credits will expire at the end of the eight week course, it's up to you to organise your make up sessions in open classes. This can be easily done via the online calendar on the timetable page. There is no roll over over credits into the next round of courses.

  • Each course is a pre requisite for the next you need to have completed the previous course before moving on.

  • These courses book out every time! It's first in first served. Online booking and payment is the only way to ensure your spot on the mat. There are NO refunds given for these enrollments.

You want results fast!

We get it you want real results and that's why we have made it even more accessible for you to get to 2 or 3 classes a week, and so by enrolling in an 8 week course you'll be eligible for the premium memberships.

Premium Memberships

Theses are exclusively available if you're enrolled in an eight week course

5 classes per month (open sessions only) - $80

10 classes per month (open sessions only) - $130

You must be enrolled in an eight week course to take advantage of this tear of membership.

They are not available on the online store please just email us and we will set it up for you.

Unlimited Monthly Membership

If you're looking to attend 2 eight week courses and an open class or two every week then the most cost effective way to do that is on the unlimited monthly membership. To find out more click here

Here's what our students have to say about the classes;

I started at YIM about 2 month ago in the beginners course and have now moved up into level one. I feel much better than before - I am stronger, more flexible and in a much better head space. I usually attend 3-4 classes a week and am looking to establish a daily practice to take full advantage of all the positive effects yoga has given me so far. My progression would not have happened without the amazing support from both students & teachers.
— Sabrina Bowen
Krystle is extremely good at demonstrating how to do a particular exercise, explaining what it does, what it should and shouldn’t look like, and modifications. Since the studio utilises small classes in a smaller space, she’s able to walk around and give personal attention and assistance to everyone in the room. A minor adjustment here or encouraging a deeper stretch there makes all the difference between actually working the body and just going through the motions. That’s lost in a large or less hands on class.
— Emma Burchett
I loved every week, by the way, I wish I could have you teach me everyday : )
— Kimberly Pearce