Intermediate to Advanced Yoga Course

Yoga Evolution

In order to book into this class you must be practicing at the studio a minimum of three open classes a week in addition to this course. (Ideally 4-5)

You love a challenge! Both physically and mentally.

You're looking to move deeper in your practice of yoga and develop a whole new level of strength and flexibility.

This class will allow you to safely explore some of the more advanced postures and practices that a practitioner has available.

We will take you to places in your practice that you never thought possible.

It requires a serious commitment, you simply can't get there only attending 1 or 2 yoga classes a week, but if you're willing to step up the payoff is there.

Foundations and strength and stability classes are an absolute prerequisite for this course to ensure your safe progression.

I can't wait to challenge you and move you to a whole new level!

Our focus for the next 8 week term will be back bending...Our classes each week will center around getting the spine more mobile and strong in order to gain a healthy opening and move into more of the advanced back arches.

Next Course Starts: 7.15pm Monday 7th May 2018

Real Progress Requires Discipline And Consistency...Here's What We Expect From You:

- You need to have been practicing yoga consistently (2-3 times week) for at least 6 months.

- Have a sound understanding of the foundational postures and alignment.

- Be prepared to practice in at least 3 open classes weekly in addition to this class.

The most cost effective way to do this would be through the following:

Monthly Unlimited Membership

Allows you to attend as many classes as you like weekly Click here to find out more

Here's what students have to say about our courses and classes:

Physically I have moved through some pretty big restrictions I felt earlier. I used to get a lot of lower back pain which rarely ever pops up anymore! I feel stronger and more flexible than ever, and a lovely side effect has been my body toning up a fair bit. YIM is like my little home away from home. It has become my space for some me-time
— Veronika McLean
You help students push through barriers by creating a safe environment. Safe to make mistakes, ask questions and feel silly for a moment. I can push any barriers and work with the limitations of my mind and body, and learn the difference. I know you love yoga but you could teach anything. You’re an amazing teacher
— Sam