Flexibility and Mobility Yoga Course

Eight Week Foundational Course For Improved Mobility

You want more flexibility!

Longer muscles, less tension and more mobility in all of your joints.

This class will help you to slowly start to chip away at the stickiness in all of your sore tight spots.

Learn how to use your yoga practice and breath to find some more space and flexibility.

If you sit at a desk 8-10 hours this course is a must for you and your spine. Teaching you how to release tension in your lower back and hips will help avoid chronic pain and discomfort.

Improve your posture and decrease your headaches.

Take what you learn here back to your open classes and home practice.

Prerequisite for this course is the Yoga Foundations

You can start this class at any time, we're looking forward to seeing you on the mat soon.

To ensure you're progressing safely and staying consistent with your results we recommend you attend at least 2 classes a week ideally 4-5.

Unlimited Monthly Membership

The most cost effective way to practice at the studio is through the unlimited monthly membership. Click this link to find out more

This is what students have to say about our classes and courses:

After my first class I had a fantastic nights sleep and woke up the morning after feeling more alive, and my muscles relaxed - especially my shoulders. I couldn’t believe the additional range of motion I had in my shoulders after just one yoga class!
I joined Yoga in Motion’s Beginner’s class and I am now in the Level One class - I haven’t looked back, and look forward to the future.
— John
This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!
For a few years I’ve been trying to improve my posture and strength after several injuries (mostly soccer related) and increasing back pain with a desk job. I’ve been seeing a podiatrist and an exercise physiologist and Krystle’s yoga classes complement it perfectly. Krystle is a well qualified and competent health professional. She is passionate about yoga and helping people improve their health and wellbeing.
The cost is slightly more than a gym and some other yoga classes because it’s worth it. You would be hard pressed to find better value health advice and support.
— Sam Dransfield
Attending Yoga in Motion is most definitely one of the highlights of my week, and Krystle’s calm focused obsession with helping us perform each Asana correctly for maximum benefit, within a super friendly and relaxed environment has me addicted to both yoga and Yoga in Motion. I could not have asked for a better teacher to introduce me to Yoga and get me hooked on this life long journey.
— Karl Schutte