Yoga As A Philosophy

Most people start yoga to increase their flexibility or to improve their strength and of course yoga can help with that, however there are benefits that go far beyond just the physical body.

At our most recent yoga retreat I took the time to run some short discussions on yoga philosophy and yoga as a discipline for understanding the mind and increasing the flexibility of the mind.

Most of the discussions were based around Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (a text thought to be written around the first or second century, the first to really systematise the subject of yoga as a path of practice)

Your feedback on these discussions was really positive, with many of you finding that the information helped to create some more context for your practice, but also that it helped you explore some of the other aspects of yoga beyond breathing and postures.

It seemed that through these discussions on yoga as a discipline some of you were able to move a little deeper in terms of your personal reflections and practices off the yoga mat, which can only be a positive thing.

So I’ve decided to host these philosophy talks once a week at the studio.

When: Saturday morning 9.45am starting on the 13th Jan

Where: At the Studio

Who can attend: Anyone is welcome, irrespective of experience or level of practice.

Note this is NOT a class where I’ll be teaching you the physical practices but rather presenting a discussion on some aspect of yoga.

Cost: The sessions are Complimentary. We will have a box at the studio where you can choose to donate if you wish. All donations will go to the charity we’re supporting at that time. (At the moment it’s the cancer council, Oct ’17)

I hope to see you there if not sooner Kxx