Starting Out As A New Yoga Teacher...Finding Your Voice

Starting Out As A New Yoga Teacher...Finding Your Voice

Starting anything new is a challenge…remember what it was like to take your first yoga class? but the rewards and feeling of satisfaction after completing it spurs you onto the next class and the next.

Well teaching your first yoga class is no different, it’s a challenge and can be pretty scary, but because we have such a passion for teaching and yoga we keep at it.

Yoga & Religion what we need to understand as teachers?

In this short recording I address one of the most common fears students with a religious background have around taking up yoga.

If you’re a teacher it’s a good episode to help you start thinking about how we teach and what we teach in group classes with very little understanding or sensitivity towards the cultural and religious diversity present in our yoga studios.

A brief discussion on chanting and how to teach this in a way that won’t scare new students off.

Thanks for listening see you on the mat soon Kxx

Dealing with craving and desire

In this episode of the podcast we look at sutra 1.15. Taking a brief look at this sutra in relation to craving and desire.

Sometimes no matter how much logical information we know we still find ourselves giving into craving and desire, whether it’s being tied into toxic eating habits or relationships or substances.

For all the intelligence and understanding this desire we all carry can really get the better of us.

Join me for a short chat on this topic and yoga.

I’ll see you on the mat real soon. Kxx

Yoga As a Practice

In this episode of the podcast I continue our discussion on the Yoga Sutras in particular looking at Sutra 1.14

We speak of having a yoga practice but what does this look like in reference to the journey of a serious practitioner who’s looking for more than just a stronger body?

Patanjali speaks to this in 1.14

I hope you enjoy listening and I’ll see you on the mat real soon.

Yoga Master Class

Tools & techniques to take your teaching to the next level

Come and join our weekly masterclass run specifically for teachers or long standing yoga practitioners who are considering moving into teaching yoga or wanting to delve deeper.

This weekly master class will cover the essentials of establishing yourself as a teacher.

If you’ve recently graduated from a 200hr training, and the thought of stepping up in front of a class is a little frightening this class is a great opportunity to increase your confidence.

The struggle to get your class numbers off the ground and connect with individual students is real, and having the support of regular classes to further develop your teaching skills is essential.

These classes are ideal if you’ve been teaching a while and are finding you lack variety and depth to your teaching, learn how to keep students engaged and progressing.

What will be covered?

  • Practical teaching skills

  • Advanced sequencing

  • Learning modifications

  • developing your own voice as a teacher

  • Physical assists

  • Learning how to safely progress students

  • Incorporating all aspects of the practice

  • Learning how to read the body and patterns of movment

  • and more

If you’re considering becoming a yoga teacher come along to these classes to dip your toes in.

The class will be the provide the perfect opportunity to ask questions and seek advice for your teaching.

Sessions are 60 mins long and will run every Saturday at 7am.

These classes are strictly limited in numbers.

You will have the opportunity to put in requests for topics you’d like to see covered.

Cost= $45

If you want to be an effective teacher you need to be willing to invest the time and energy into your own learning and education and this needs to be done consistently.

Yoga For Back Strengthening - Practice Video

Yoga For Back Strengthening - Practice Video

If you’re looking to improve your posture.

Sit taller at your desk and help increase your back strength with yoga this is a short 20 minute practice just for you.

Please remember with any history of back pain you want to be mindful not to move into pain and slowly and regularly is the best approach to get results and keep you safe.

Stress and it's impact on your health!

Stress and it's impact on your health!

We’re all stressed! We all experience moments in life when stress levels become increased and it’s difficult to manage and feel at ease in our skin.

However for the most part these periods should be mild and short lived.

When we experience stress for prolonged periods of time and or significant traumas we’re going to see the repercussions in our health and well-being.