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It all started when...

Like with most people a friend said 'you should really try yoga!' I had been looking for some practical tools I could implement for myself and my clients for stress management.

I tried my first class and thought 'there is something to this yoga thing.'

I was already on my way to becoming a naturopath and nutritionist, which I really enjoyed, I have a small obsession with health and well-being in general, but I started attending yoga classes 2,3,4 times a week and before I knew it was doing my first teacher training program.  

Since then I've done thousands of hours of trainings, lots of workshops and intensives, with teachers both in Australia and internationally.

Most recently I've completed my qualification in yoga therapy with an amazing teacher and western trained medical doctor from India called Dr N. Chandrasekaran.

I'm proud to say I've been acknowledged as a level 3 Senior yoga teacher by the leading governing body Yoga Australia.

If I'm completely honest my biggest teacher and where I have learnt the most is from...my students. The thousands of bodies that I've taught all of them governed by slightly different personalities and minds.

You see I've been teaching anywhere between 12 to 20 classes a week for more than 10 years now. The last four and a half years I've done that in my own yoga studio in Lane Cove.

The more I train and learn and teach the more I realise with all of my experience and training I actually know very little. As a science yoga is vast with thousands of years of history. I will spend my life learning as much as I can to improve the quality of my life and offer that knowledge up to anyone else who wants and needs it.

I now find myself educating and supporting new yoga teachers through a mentor-ship at the studio, it's very rewarding.

No matter your age, size, medical history, level of fitness or stiffness! You're welcome at the studio and we can learn together, I promise to tell you everything I can to help you find a healthier, pain free body and steady mind, it's what I'm passionate about some say it's an obsession, but I reckon a healthy one ; )

Thanks for reading all about us...I hope to see you at the studio soon. Krystle Alves

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Madison Lambie- Yoga Teacher

My Yoga journey started a few years ago when I moved up from Melbourne and was really struggling with the transition. I was highly anxious and stressed which lead to little to no sleep and quickly my health and my body became greatly affected.

I knew if nothing changed things would become worse and so I ended up in a Beginners course because I had heard that “yoga is good for you” and since then I've never looked back.

I couldn’t believe how much I loved it and loved what it was doing for not only my jacked up body but also my mind. It has without a doubt completely changed my whole way of living and I can’t go a day without it.

I love the challenge from every practice on both a physical and a mental level, learning when to push and when to rest, learning that every day is different and having the self acceptance and awareness that comes with that.

Seeing the difference and the change yoga gave me is what lead me wanting to share it with anyone who is looking for the same and more.

I enjoy teaching a dynamic practice that has a strong focus on the more technical aspects of the postures and sequences, the challenge of unpacking it all and having fun in the process. I love seeing the change in my students and how much confidence a yoga practice can bring them.



Stephanie Reynolds - Yoga Teacher

A really good yoga class (for me, at least) is not defined by being able to wrap yourself up like a pretzel or stand on your head, but one where you can find a way to connect, breathe and reflect.

Sometimes that's really hard, but I've learned through my own practice and more recently training as a teacher that you don't need to strive for the perfect body, the most impressive practice or to be the most zen human being on the planet. All you need to do is turn up to the mat, and the rest will follow.

Yoga has done the most for me in those moments, and I love being able to teach classes that offer my students some time and space to move, rest and breathe.



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Veronika McLean- Yoga Teacher in Training

I didn’t really find yoga until a couple of years ago when the reality of life, full time work and countless other commitments really hit home and I found myself getting increasingly stressed and anxious.

Beyond the physical movement, for which so many of us start yoga, yoga to me is a way of understanding myself and the world around me. It is also community. I always found it very difficult to commit to any form of discipline regarding exercise and jumped from running, to weight training, to not exercising at all, over and over.

Through yoga I have found not only a form of exercise that has helped my body in so many ways, but I have also found the yoga philosophy that has taught me so much about not only discipline, but also about letting go.

As a trained mental health professional I also saw the tremendous effects of yoga for students experiencing anxiety and depression which further highlighted its significance to me. Although I continue to learn about this journey myself,  I can only hope that I can share this passion for yoga with my students.


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Lien Kurniawan- Teacher In Training

If you had told me that stepping into that yoga class in Boston back in 2011 would lead me to immersing myself in this mentorship and in front of the class teaching...  I may have said you were crazy!

Little did I know, that one class was the beginning of a life-long process of understanding the physical body and more importantly, challenging the monkey mind. Over the years, it has been interesting to reflect on the personal growth that has transpired through the yoga practise - from learning to be kinder to myself to mustering up the courage to do something different.

Every moment on the mat continues to teach me something new, which has sparked the curiosity for a deeper learning of the yoga practise and philosophy. It has been inspiring to see students at the studio evolve and I look forward to creating a space for students to explore their breath, body, and mind.



Winnie So - Teacher in Training

My initial experience with yoga was through one-to-one sessions weekly then moving into the beginners’ course and within that same 12-month period, finding myself attending consecutive open sessions at the yoga studio.
The dynamic practice was what drew me in but what got me hooked was the physical and mental challenge that happens here at the studio sanctuary.  Just when I think I've got the pose down pat, I am challenged with its extension and just when I think I've got my head screwed on, I am challenged on my thoughts and perspectives at the philosophy sessions. Never a stagnant nor a dull moment.
Every teacher needs a teacher, as a high school teacher myself, I find that my growth has gone beyond the content or curriculum, it is that of finding more comfort in being myself. I'm someone who is very much an introvert and I've struggled to find confidence in expressing myself and had lots of self-doubts. Through Yoga In Motion I found a teacher who cared and took the time to support me and give me the tools to push beyond my comfort zone.
In just 2 years, yoga has grown beyond the mat for me and this is why I made the commitment to keep that spark burning. Everyone is capable of practicing yoga and everyone needs yoga.


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It runs as an eight week course and we cover all of the foundations you need to feel more mobile and confident in your body.

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