Find The Space You’re Looking For!


The space in your body so that you feel less pain and discomfort and more strength and flexibility.

The space in your mind so that you feel less stressed and a little more in control.

The space in your chest so that you can breathe easy and stand tall with confidence.

The more space you create the better you’ll sleep, the less pain you’ll feel and the more energy you’ll have to do all the things you love.

It's not about being able to imitate a pretzel, we’d rather eat those than act like them.

It’s not about being able to stand on your head; as cool as those pics look on instagram.

It’s not about chanting and getting all connected to ‘the source’ whatever that really means?

We’ve stripped it all back so that you feel the benefits of a low impact, breath centered practice.


Wondering Where To Start?

All of our classes are categorised into 3 levels so that you can be sure of what you’re getting yourself into and chose a practice that ultimately works for your body and builds your confidence.

Whether your a seasoned practitioner or absolute beginner there’s lots of choice because no two bodies are the same and so why should the classes be?

Choose your level of comfort on any given day and walk away feeling the benefits of a yoga practice that is just right for you.

Yoga classes lane cove

level One Classes


These sessions are designed to de-stress and move you slowly and gently towards more flexibility and calm. Great if you’re brand new to yoga and the studio or struggling with any pain points or injuries. We’ll teach you the basics to get you progressing in these classes. There is a focus on proper form, and learning modifications for where you’re at right now.

Yoga North Sydney

level Two classes


If you have some yoga experience and enjoy being challenged with new postures then these intermediate level two sessions are perfect for you. They’ll tone and strengthen your body and we’ll move you towards a stronger core, improved balance, and more body awareness. The sequences in these classes are a little more complex and fun for those who are wanting to take it up a notch.

Yoga in Lane Cove

Level Three classes


If you like the idea of getting all bound up, standing on your hands, and twisting yourself into new and wonderful shapes, then you’ll be at home in these classes. Exclusively for experienced practitioners who are practicing at the studio a minimum of 3-4 times a week. These classes exist to take you to places you never thought possible.